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Fifa 18 scout stars ea fifa 18 help If you remember that a five-star experience scout will give you players per report, if you have a scout with five stars in both experience and judgment then you could end up finding platinum players every other scouting report, which is a very good return. The way we work this out is by combining our knowledge of which regions are most likely to produce platinum players with the table above thanks to n23 on Reddit for the tip.

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What is Youth Scouting? This part of Career Mode in FIFA 18 allows you to prepare your club for the future by scouting for young players (between the ages of ) that might have the potential to be the next Dele Alli or Ousmane Dembele. You'll be able to hire your own scouts and send them all over the world, hopefully  ‎Setup a Scouting Network · ‎Youth Academy · ‎Monthly Scouting Report. This is a way to ensure you get a 91+ potential player with good weak foot/skill moves and workrates or just the position you want. So when you. Thanks to a subscriber, we know how to get whichever three youth academy scouts you'd like at the. This FIFA 18 Youth Academy Tutorial will discuss Scout Future Star Players and what you want to look for.

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FIFA 18 Youth Academy Tutorial - Scout Future Star - EP16 Jan 1, - As well as that, experience determines how many players you're likely to get on each report. The best scouts will suggest between five and seven players to you, meaning there's a good chance that a highly promising player is nestling among them. A one-star scout will only show you one to two players. Mar 18, - Whether you're a youth academy veteran or are yet to send your scout on his first mission, my guides will help you discover the next generation of superstars in FIFA This guide will show you where to send your scouts in order to find the best players. If you want to know how to hire a good scout and what. Nov 15, - This guide will show you how to hire the best scout you can. If you want to know where you should send your scouts and what type of players you should be looking for, you'll want to check out my FIFA 18 scouting guide hub page. I'll be adding more guides over the next couple of weeks, so make sure to.

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